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As a client you bring us your vision, your goals, your needs. As a general contractor, Hawk n Sons works with you to provide construction services in many forms, in the most cost effective way.  In our 30 plus years of experience it is worth mentioning there are limitless alternatives of these management systems, as each construction project is as unique as you are. We know communication is the difference in working relationships, it develops trust, assists with rapid progress and improves the outcome.

Property Owners, Property Management Companies and the Insurance industry are facing change on an extraordinary scale. Companies today must discover ways to improve their profitability, deal with changing demographics and market uncertainties, all the while seeking to balance the demands of regulatory changes. 

As a collaboration from the beginning with you, the client, is important in an open communication to gain a full understanding and scope of the project, your needs and expectations. The expression Construction Manager or CM began to be used describing a position for contractors in providing advisory services to an owner either as a consultant, agent or contractor. Construction management systems can be oriented to fit an appropriate method of delivery, some of the more commonly used agreements are briefly described below. 

Inspection & Abatement

Mechanical Services

Building Envelopes


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Property Risk consulting

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